The Wolf's Heads Cuirassiers are the house guards of the Dukes of Wulfram and one of the elite guard units of the Tierran Army. For this reason they are known as one of the most prestigious and effective units in the army, a reputation that was seriously damaged after its defeat at the Battle of Blogia.

During the battle they were with the Tierran cavalry and thus were one of the units that met the Antari Church Hussars in combat. The Church Hussars smashed the Tierran cavalry and left the Wolf's Head Cuirassiers a shadow of their former selves. The Duke of Wulfram was killed while leading the cavalry and his son and heir, a major member of the peace faction, refused to devote the proper resources to rebuild the regiment and as such was only able to muster 300 men at The Second Battle of Kharangia.

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