The Unified Kingdom of Tierra is an Island roughly in the middle of the known world (make reference to map). It was unified by the House of Rendower only 120 years ago. Since, it has developed into a nation with a strong navy (Royal Tierran Navy )  and dedicated military (Royal Tierran Army ). It depends on trade for most of it's income and imports food from the League of Antar.

History Edit

For most of it's history Tierra was a collection of squabbling petty kingdoms, the strongest of which controlled areas the size of duchies and the weakest controlling small hill forts overseeing a few huts. All that changed with the coming of Edwin "The Strong" of house Rendower who unified Tierra and became it's first king. Tierra was fully unified shortly after Edwin the Strong's son, Edwin "the short-lived", "accidentally" fell from his horse two years into his reign. During the ensuing crisis, Callum "The Cruel" Cazarosta, rival of the late king, swore fealty to the temporarily empty throne under extremely favorable terms. After Edwin II died his younger, incompetent brother tried to seize power for himself. The privy council had him arrested and ruled for 3 years after which they peacefully ceded power back to the king, Edmund "the fortunate", when he turned fourteen, thus cementing the Cortes place in Tierran politics and creating the current power dynamic between the Tierran Monarch and the Cortes.

Tierra's next king was Edmund II. Known as both the magnificent and the fool due to the fact that he nearly bankrupted the kingdom building elaborate monuments and sending gifts to the Takarans, even going so far as to try to divorce his wife and marry an elven noble, all in the vain pursuit of an alliance that never came about. However, he also turned the capital city of Aetoria from a quasi-medieval city into one of the most beautiful cities in the Northern Kingdoms and the crown jewel of Tierra, as well as laying the foundations of the Royal navy and Royal intelligence.

When King Edmund's son, Alaric I "Spitfire", ascended to the griffon throne, Tierra was still a glorified vassal of the militarily and economically superior League of Antar and was required to pay annual tribute and give preferential treatment to Antari traders. Unlike Tierra's previous kings however, King Alaric had both the means and the will to do something about this. Using Royal intelligence and his own abrasive diplomatic style (hence the epithet "Spitfire") to escalate a trade dispute with the Antari to his own ends. The ensuing conflict, know as King Alaric's War, culminated in the Battle of Northern Pillars, a decisive Tierran victory. After the battle the Takarans stepped in to arbitrate peace deal and prevent further escalation of the war. Despite the resulting treaty essentially forcing a white peace, Tierra had shown itself able to stand up on it's own and had freed itself of Antari dominance .

After the death of King Alaric I's son, King Edmund III "the Forgotten", King Edmund IV ascended to the throne. Father of the current king Miguel I, Edmund IV was known for his womanizing, siring multiple bastards of several different woman in the realm, most notably Emile d'al Harris, sired on the former Duchess of Warburton and legitimized as a member of house Harris, Emile inherited the duchy of Warburon upon the old duke's death. His constant womanizing and lustful pursuits earned him the somewhat humorous epithet of "Ironrod".

Regions Edit

The kingdom is split into five duchies, ruled by the families of the most powerful lords before the Unification Wars.

The Duchy of Wulfram the northernmost region of Tierra and is the economic powerhouse of the kingdom, its industry relying primarily on logging and mining. It is ruled by house d'al Candless.

The Duchy of Aetoria contains the capital of Tierra and is ruled by the king himself.

The Duchy of Cunaris contains fertile plains and is home to the finest cavalry in Tierra. It is ruled by house d'al Findlay.

The Duchy of Warburton is located on a large island just off the coast of Tierra. It contains the most fertile farmland in Tierra and as a result is one of the wealthiest regions in Tierra. It is ruled by house d'al Harris.

The Duchy of Kentaur is a wild land of thick forests and hard men, unique for its clan system, a relic of its political system before the conquest. It is ruled by house d'al Havenport.

The only region without a associated duchy is the Salt Coast. It is a desolate and windswept land ruled by a collection of smaller lords, the most prosperous and influential of which is the earldom of Leoniscourt, ruled by house d'al Cazarosta.

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