The Unified Kindom of Tierra is an island nation located in the center of the Infinite Sea.

Early History Edit

The area that now comprises the nation of Tierra has experienced a turbulent history. Originally inhabited by a collection of native tribesmen known as the Kentauri, this untamed and untapped land eventually drew the hungry gaze of many of the great powers surrounding it. Eager to expand their territory, three of these powers; M'hidiyoss, Calligia, and Kian, each embarked on attempts to colonize Tierra, beginning a process that would see the natives driven to the southern highlands and the rest of the island divided between a collection of colonies owing fealty to one great power or another. Eventually though, these nations would lose their grip on the colonies they'd founded, leaving behind a land divided between a dozen feuding petty kingdoms, all vying for dominance in a never-ending struggle.

Unification Edit

This state of affairs would begin to change with the ascension of Prince Edwin of Aetoria, a young and ambitious monarch who would later go on to unify Tierra nation through a combination of cunning, bribery, and war, founding the Unified Kingdom and installing himself as its first monarch, King Edwin the Strong.

While the last of the petty kings would maintain their independence until the regency of his grandson, Edmund I, Edwin succeeded in establishing Tierra as the preeminent power in the region and spent his reign building the administrative and governmental apparatuses that would help define the Unified Kingdom for the next hundred years.

Government Edit

A form of constitutional monarchy, the Rendower monarchs serve as Tierra's hereditary heads of state and rule the nation together with the Cortes-a unitary chamber made up of the heads of every titled house in Tierra. It's this body that serves as the Unified Kingdom's legislature, and everything from taxation to title grants requires their assent before it can go into effect.

Recent History Edit

After King Alaric's War, Tierra has maintained relatively icy relations with the League of Antar, who still stew over their defeat by a minor power. Upon the death of King Edmund IV, the Antari acted on this hostility, presenting the young and newly crowned King Miguel with a list of outrageous demands, threatening war should he refuse. Despite his youth and inexperience, Miguel refused to capitulate and outright refused the League's demands. Following this act of defiance, he ordered an expeditionary force assembled for an invasion of the Antari mainland, sparking the Dozen Years War and sending the Northern Kingdoms into cause.