Considered the senior branch of the Tierran military, the Royal Navy is seen by many observers as the preeminent military force in the Northern Kingdoms.

Unlike their counterparts in the army, the RTA prizes professionalism and ability far more than birth and blood, going so far as to allow Baneless commoners to hold commissioned rank as officers, though lingering discrimination ensures that the navy's highest ranks are still defacto barred to the Baneless. Despite this caveat, the belief that promotion can be won through merit alone, along with a prize system awarding spoils to captains and crews for capturing enemy ships, creates a culture of aggression and boldness that has greatly helped in achieving its success.


The Royal Navy operates under a decentralized command structure centered around three different fleets (Northern, Southern, and the Reserve Fleet). Each of these possesses it's own command and administrative headquarters spread throughout the country, all of which are overseen by Admiralty House in Aetoria.

  • Admiralty House
    • Port Admiral (Northern)-Headquartered in Northern Pillars
      • Sea Admiral (Northern)
    • Port Admiral (Southern)-Headquartered in Havenport
      • Sea Admiral (Southern)
    • Port Admiral (Reserve)-Headquartered in Crittenden
      • Sea Admiral (Reserve)

These three fleets are further divided between the so called "Port Admirals" and the "Sea Admirals". The former are permanently stationed in one of their assigned naval headquarters and are primarily responsible for the logistical and administrative work required to maintain their associated fleet. The Sea Admirals meanwhile are, as the name might imply, responsible for commanding Tierra's fleets when they are under active deployment.

Rank StructureEdit

The Navy is headed, ceremonially, by the "Admiral-Royal", who, as you may have guessed, happens to be the King. In reality, the Navy is commanded, informally, by the Port Admiral at Aetoria, who in turn reports to the Minister of War, on the King's Privy Council. The three Port Admirals (Crittenden, Northern Pillars and Havenport) are effectively allowed to operate independently, short of imperative orders from His Majesty's Government.

Ranks are as follows:


Seaman -Ordinary

Seaman -Able 

Seaman -Leading

Petty Officer -Junior (In charge of guns and work crews)

Petty Officer -Senior

Warrant Officer (Sailing Masters, Pursers)


Midshipman (Adolescent officers-in-training)


Lieutenant -Commanding (Lieutenants in command of small vessels like sloops-of-war)

Post Captain (In command of full ships, but not confirmed to the Captain's List)

Captain of the List (Appointment approved by the Minister of War)

Commodore -Rear Admiral (Squadron command)

Vice Admiral (In command of one of the three fleets)

Admiral (In command of the ports where each of the three fleets is based in.)

Admiral-Royal (The King)