The League of Antar is a large Kingdom to the North of Tierra from which she imports most of her grain. Antar is ruled by the congress, a congregation of all lords in Antar. Every lord has the right to veto, the right to vote, and the right to speak for any given proposition by any other. Needless to say, decision making is a long and arduous process. 

The Antari also practice serfdom, meaning every serf is the property of a Lord and are little more than slaves, being uneducated, underfed, and overworked and have no rights.

Unlike the rest of the Northern Kingdoms, Antar practices the Ascentionist heresy. Identical to saints worship except for the fact that Antar believe in the mother, a central being that is seen as the ultimate power in the universe.

Antar lacks a central governing body outside of the League Congress and as such possesses no standing army, instead relying on poorly armed serfs possessing no training. It also possesses no navy due to its complete destruction during King Alaric's War.

After the death of king Edmund IV Antar made a "calculated diplomatic move" by declaring war on Tierra in a attempt to test the newly crowned king. Instead of suing for peace in a attempt to prevent a bloody war as the Antari expected he would, king Miguel ordered a immediate invasion of the Antari mainland, prompting a twelve year long war in which the young Tierran monarch delivered a resounding defeat to the League Congress, effectively ending their status as a great power and leaving Tierra as the most powerful nation in the Northern Kingdoms.