The Duke of Wulfram is the senior military officer in the Royal army, ranking just behind the king himself and holding the rank of lieutenant general, as well as being the councilor militant on the king's privy council.

Wulfram rose to fame during king Alaric's war, joining the Royal marines as a ensign and ending the war as a major and one of the greatest heroes of the war.

Wulfram was the commander of all Tierran forces in Antar during the second Tierran-Antari war. Under his leadership several great Antari armies were broken up and defeated in detail. When Mikhail of Khorobit gathered a massive army of 42,000 men, the duke, having been threatened with dismissal that same year if he didn't break the current stalemate, gathered his own forces, numbering 17,300 men, and marched to meet him in battle.

When Khorobit ordered his church hussars to charge the Tierrans at the battle of Blogia, it was Wulfram himself who lead the charge to stop them. In the ensuing cavalry battle Wulfram was slain, being struck down by a Antari hussar's flaming longsword.