Takara is a country in the Infinite sea. To the north of it lies the Northern Kingdoms. It is populated primarily by elves, and has a population of approximately 12 million. It is considered one of the great powers and is the major rival of Kian.

The elves possess many natural abilities that human don't, such at the ability of every elf to banecast and a lifespan lasting for several hundred years. These abilities give them major advantages both militarily and economically and had been a major factor in their rise to great power status.

Takara fields the most elite Army of all the powers in the infinite sea and equips every soldier with a dragonlock rifle and a banehardened chestplate. Takara also maintains the most powerful navy with every ship's hull having been banehardened and every cannon being baneruned.

Takaran soldiers train for decades in their trademark style of war. Their officers are more like medieval craftsmen, or high fantasy wizards, for that matter. They spend a decade learning the art of war, then another decade learning how to command. After a half a century in the field, they spend another decade learning operational level tactics at a War College. When stationed at home, they drill constantly and maintain regular exercises with the rest of the Richshyr.

They are ruled by the Imperial Senate, a democratically elected governing body that wields the majority of political power. It is also a egalitarian society both in terms of gender in class. Any Takaran possesses the ability to rise to nobility and nobility itself confers no extra legal privileges or job opportunities, positions instead being based on merit, not birth.