The ships of the line are the main warships of the Royal Tierran navy, from 98 guns to the smallest ships with a dozen guns.

List of ships Edit

HMS Victorious- A 44-gun frigate of the royal navy, as seen in sabres of infinity where the MC and the other dragoons are being taken to Antar

HMS Rendower- A 98-gun ship of the line, she is the pride and the flagship of the royal navy, and is property to the king himself. In sabres of infinity, she was seen in the last chapter six weeks after Blogia, where the king Miguel I himself arrived to command the army. Later then in guns of infinity, she was seen helping the army in the second battle of Kharangia by bombarding prince korobirit's advancing army.

HMS Valiant- A 64-gun ship of the line, she appeared in the War of Unification of Tierra during the second war with the second coalition of Walfrum, Leoniscourt and Callindria , taking part in the raids on Callindrian supply ships.

HMS Furious-A 48-gun ship of the line, she also appeared in the War of Unification of Tierra and took part in raiding missions in the southern sea on callindrian ships.

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