The religion in Tierra is worship of saints from the Pantheons of the Saintly Martyrs.

- Individual people and Baneblood Houses have different Patron Saints they worship to, for example House Cazarosta's patron saint is Saint Talbot.

  • Saints are baneblooded exemplars who died in a way which allowed them entry into one of three Pantheons.


  • Any Baneblooded individual can make a shrine to a Martyr: a flame which must burn continually for an entire year, in the presence of one of the Chapterhouses of an established order. Involves lighting and keeping a flame lit in the sight of at least four other shrines for a year and a day. If enough supporters keep the flame lit and protected and there aren't enough detractors to put the flame out, a missive is sent off to Mersdon to confirm that there is a new Saint in the heavens, and dispensation is made to create an order of knighthood for them. 

Seekers of the Path:

The ranks within an order-militant are usually:

Seekers = Baneless compatriots- serve as clerical workers and priests, squires and retainers. It is believed that there is no distinction made after death, so long as they gain martyrdom. Seeker (men and women of common blood who seek martyrdom so they may be judged as banebloods when they die.

-Squire (a noble who has demonstrated noble blood and has paid for his arms and armour. Paired to a knight of the order to recieve the training needed to pass the trial-at-arms)

Knights = Banebloods ( or deathborn/baneless w/ special dispensation) - seek martyrdom in the manner of their Knightly Order's Patron Saint's pantheon. Some orders are more prominent than others.

If a Knight of the order dies heroically enough though, there is a chance the order and the deceased Knight's sovereign might sponsor said knight's own rise to Sainthood.

-Knight-Companion (Lowest rank that gets you addressed as "Sir/Dame [first name]"


-Grand Master of the Order

Baneless and Baneblooded alike, their Patron Saint awaits them in a shining palace, ready to induct them into his or her celestial retinue. 

Main Pantheons:

  • Red - "Orders-Militant"- die in battle, leading their soldiers to victory or staving off a hopeless situation.  often the most politically powerful -focused on martial prowess, carry  influence in inter-ordinal politics + within their host states.

  • Tierran Orders-Militant: 60 in total, incl. St. Jerome, St. Jeremy, St. Joshua, St Jehanne, Saint Talbot + small branch of Callindrian Order of Saint Ludovico

  • Description: Orders of the Red are the most martial of the orders. Knights and seekers alike often serve in anachronistic full plate, enchanted to diamond-hardness by weeks of bane-work and prayer rituals. Knights of the Red heft enchanted shields and great swords edged with magic amplifying crystal.

  • Vow of Duty: Martial prowess/honour on the battlefield
  • Vow of Martyrdom: Death against overwhelming odds against an enemy of the church

  • "Convocation of the Orders-Militant" -Representatives meet semi-regularly to discuss politics and dictate policy -has the ability to declare Holy War- proclaim a state Pariah-Among-Nations, which gives the targeted state a choice: immediately put their entire ruling house to the sword, or face invasion.

  • Blue die protecting the weak and innocent against injustice or tyranny.

  • Tierran Orders-Succorant: St. Gareth, St. Elizabeth, St. Octavia

  • Description: Knights of the Blue - "Orders-Succorant" - often found on the field of battle as spiritual healers and leaders, off of the field, they run fairs, tourneys and relief efforts during times of famine and plague. Knights of the Blue swear an oath of poverty and pacifism before devoting their lives to healing the sick/injured (they're the healers attached to the King's Army). Seekers of the Blue pledge to protect those incapable of defending themselves and caring for the poor and dispossessed.
  •  are entrusted with mage-staves which can serve as a source of light and heat.

  • Vow of Duty: Protect the innocent and weak
  • Vow of Martyrdom: Death whilst defending the innocent.

  • Green sacrifice their lives for the pursuit of knowledge, exploring the unknown or long-lost. 

  • Tierran Orders-Aspirant: St. Rhys, St. Lester

  • Description: While the martyrdom of most saints are singular, heroic moments, Saints of the Green and by extension, their orders and seekers sacrifice their lives in a different way. They take up a vow to live their lives in an endless and often futile pursuit of knowledge. With no military forces of their own and little voice in the Convocation, seekers of the Green are often looked upon with disdain by all save those "radicals" who would prefer an age of science over the status quo. Knights of the Green devote their lives to maintaining libraries, chronicles, records and educating baneblooded children. 

  • Vow of Duty: Chastity, Poverty and Non-violence
  • Vow of Martyrdom: A life seeking knowledge

Other Pantheons: (don't have orders of knighthood- too small, their worship is too regional, or nobody wealthy likes them enough.)

  • Black -those executed and later seen as vindicated after their deaths
  • Orange -those who martyr themselves somehow in a failed attempt at sainting someone else.

  • Grey -martyrs who died deserving deaths, but didn't really fit in any of the other categories.

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