Northern Kingdoms Edit

The Northern Kingdoms are a region of the Infinite Sea encompassing several independent states in the northern portion of the known world. Although relatively prosperous, the majority are small and possess weak militaries and, as a collection, they are generally considered technologically and culturally backwards compared to nations like Takara or Kian.

Unified Kingdom of Tierra Edit

Located roughly in the middle of the known world, Tierra is a relatively young nation, finally being unified just over a century ago. Since then, it has developed into a regional power, though its economy is very reliant on trade and due to the lack of fertile land to feed its large population, it is forced to import the majority of its food.

  • Politics
    • Head of State: Miguel I
    • Legislature: The Cortes of Tierra
    • Privy Council
      • Lieutenant General and Councillor-Militant: Arthur d'al Havenport, Duke of Havenport
      • Chancellor of the Exchequer: Lord Weathern
      • Lord High Intendant
  • Population: 6 Million
  • Military

The League of Antar Edit

The League of Antar is the largest and most powerful of the Northern Kingdoms and, despite their disunity, is nominally considered one of the four Great Powers in the Infinite Sea. It is ruled by the League Congress, an assembly made up of every titled Baneblood in the country where each sitting member holds an unrestricted veto over any bill. Unlike in most of the Northern Kingdoms, Antar retains a system of serfdom, meaning that the vast majority of the population are tied to the land they are born to and posses almost no legal or political rights.

  • Legislature: League Congress

*As Antar lacks any kind of national census, population numbers are estimates


The nation of Takara is a large island to the west of Tierra inhabited by Elves.

With a population that can both universally Banecast and live for centuries, Takara is one of the two most powerful nations in existence, despite their small numbers. Politically, they are a constitutional monarchy, though the reigning monarch serves a primarily ceremonial role and real political power is vested in the democratically elected Senate.

  • Head of State: Aldizkern Reskin II Vam Paulus
  • Population: 13.8 million

The Empire of Kian'ziEdit

The Empire of the Kian'zi, also know simply as Kian, is a nation directly to the south of Tierra and is the only great power capable of rivaling Takara. It is the largest human nation in existence and is ruled by the house of Zi'enne. Despite their robust bureaucracy, their territory is administered in a rather indirect fashion, choosing to grant their vassal houses considerable autonomy in exchange for them maintaining the stability in their territory and readiness for wartime.

  • Head of State: H’onnelouwe Emperor
  • Population: 168.5 million