The Dominion of Kian is a nation in the Infinite sea. It was founded by the House of Xi'an in a military coup.

It is considered one of the great powers, and the primary rival of Takara, of which citizens are forbidden from entering Kian territory on pain of death. It has a population of approximately 120 million humans.

Military Edit

The Kian have a standing army of professionals, the "Imperial Banner Army", which is about 60 000 men, fully maintained by the Imperial House of Zi'enne (in fact, over the past three centuries, the House of Zi'enne has basically become the administrative and logistical support for this single army). It is very well trained, equipped with the best gear possible and is on constant alert. Their officers are trained through a series of standardized examinations and military academies to be some of the best educated people in the entire Dominion. In times of war, the Emperor can call upon the other lords to provide their own armies. In exchange for retaining their position, each lord (whose titles correspond with a bureaucratic post) serves as governor over his own territory (the official position is "Minister of Mobilization Regarding the Specific Territory of ___") is required to equip, supply and provide a certain amount of men equipped to a certain standard for the Imperial Combined Army.