The House of Rendower is the founding and ruling house of the Unified Kingdom of Tierra.

Its current ruler is King Miguel I Rendower, a sharp minded young man of 27 who proved himself through the fires of war, leading Tierra through a decade of war with Antar and engineering a overwhelming victory at The Second Battle of Kharangia, ending the war in Tierra's favor and ending Antar's status as a great power.

Known members Edit

Edwin I " The Strong "- First king of the Unified Kingdom of Tierra, and the one succeed in Unifying all of Tierra

Edwin II " The Short-lived" - second king of Tierra, was killed accidentally in a hunting.

Edmund I " The Fortunate "-Rise to power with the aid of the cortes

Edmund II " The Magnificent/The Fool "- The king who bankrupted the kingdom to build Aetoria into a crown jewel of Tierra, and was known to send countless gifts to Takara and making the move of marrying a Takaran noble lady for gaining an alliance.

Alaric I " Spitfire " - Father to king Edmund III, and the king who started the war which had effectively crippled the Antari navy.

Edmund IV - Father to King Miguel I, known womaniser in Tierra, who sired king Miguel I's half-brother: Emile d'al Harris, current Duke of Warburton.

Miguel I - Current king and the king that started the Dozen Years War.

Princess Isobel- Younger sister to Miguel I.