The League of Antar

The League of Antar sits on a continental size peninsula in the northern most portion of the known world. It has three distinct geographic zones each of which experience brutally cold winters.

The Great Forest is the southern zone. As the name suggests it is heavily forested and is home to some large dangerous predators such as timber wolves. This is the area of Antar that is occupied by the Royal Tierran Army as the forests prohibit the massing of troops, the Antari's primary military advantage over the Tierrans.

The Central Plains is the middle geographic zone of Antar. The area is relatively flat and free of dense vegetation. This is Antar's breadbasket and the source of much of its economic power as a net food exporter. The region is also favors Antari military doctrine providing terrain that supports large pitched infantry battles and exploitation by heavy cavalry.

The North is an extremely mountainous region of Antar that ends in the Curtain of Storms.

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