Introduction Edit

The Cross of Saint Jerome is a military award awarded to those who made excellent leadership and courage while leading a boarding action within the Royal Tierran Navy.

History and Formation Edit

During the early days of the back then Kingdom of Cunaris, the Cunarian king, King Jerome who was having issues with his ships being raided by the pirates of the later known House Cazarosta of Leoniscourt. With these pirates plaguing his waters, King Jerome decides to take matters into his own hands by engaging them. But within one of these naval actions, King Jerome unfortunately was slain. After that he was sainted and became known as Saint Jerome. In order to honour him for his gallantry and valour, Grenadier Square created and commissioned the Cross of Saint Jerome for the Royal Tierran Navy.

Feature of Medal Edit

The medal itself consist of of a crimson red cross with a silver circular plate that locates at the centre of the cross, within the silver plate sculpted the silhouette of Saint Jerome's armour. The cross is attached to a white and crimson red ribbon.