Northern Kingdoms Edit

The Northern Kingdoms is a region of the Infinite Sea encompassing several independent states in the northern portion of the known world. The majority are successor states of the Calligian Empire, and are small island nations focused on trade. Although they are relatively wealthy, they were traditionally considered technologically and culturally backward compared to Great powers like Takara and Kian. The two most powerful northern kingdoms are the League of Antar and the Unified Kingdom of Tierra. Antar being considered a great power in its own right, and Tierra something of a strong regional power. Smaller kingdoms include Azulae, Callindria and Mersdon.

Unified Kingdom of Tierra Edit

Also known as The Unified Kingdom, this is the homeland of the protagonist of the Infinity series. The Unified Kingdom of Tierra is an Island roughly in the middle of the known world. It was unified by the House of Rendower a mere 120 years ago. Since, it has developed into a nation with a strong navy and is considered to be a strong second rate power. It depends on trade for most of it's income and imports the majority of its food.

  • Politics
    • Goverment: Aristocratic Parliamentary monarchy
      • Monarch: King of Tierra
      • Head of Goverment: King of Tierra
      • Legislature: The Cortes of Tierra
        • Notable Members
          • Earl of Weathern
          • Duke of Wulfram
          • Baron of Hawthorne
      • King's Council
        • Lieutenant General and Councillor-Militant: Arthur d'al Havenport, Duke of Havenport
        • Head of Royal Intelligence: Lord Barithorne
  • Population: 6 Million
  • Economy: Mercantilism
  • Legal System:Common law 
  • Military
  • Geography

The League of Antar Edit

The League of Antar is a large Kingdom to the North of Tierra. More of a region than a unified political entity Antar is considered one of the four great powers in the Infinite Sea. It is ruled by the Lords of the Congress where each member has veto power. Antar is the primary antagonist in the "of Infinity" series as the enemy of Tierra.

  • Politics
    • Goverment: Aristocratic Oilgarchy
    • Legislature: League Congress
  • Population:Uknown,Most likely 65 million or greater
  • Economy:Serfdom
  • Legal System
  • Military
  • Geography


The nation of Takara is a large island to the west of Tierra inhabited by elves. It is one of the four great powers and is the most influential nation in the Infinite Sea, only rivaled by their greatest enemies, the Kian'zi. They are a constitutional monarchy in which the ruling monarch is primarily ceremonial and the real political power is vested in the democratically elected Senate. Every elf possesses the ability to banecast and can live for hundreds of years, advantages that have allowed the Takarans to field the greatest navy and finest infantry in the world.

  • Politics: Representative democracy
  • Population: 13.8 million
  • Economy
  • Legal System
  • Military
  • Geography

The Empire of Kian'ziEdit

The Empire of the Kian'zi, also know simply as Kian, is a nation directly to the south of Tierra and is the only great power capable of rivaling Takara. It is the largest human nation in existence and is ruled by the house of Zi'enne. Kian less a single state than a collection of feudal holdings who are beholden to the emperor in matters of war and foreign policy although they are largely independent in most other matters.

  • Politics: Federative Monarch
  • Population: 168.5 million ( unclear, since the report is from old files)
  • Economy
  • Legal System
  • Military
  • Geography

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