The Cortes is the Tierran Parliament. It consists entirely of baneblooded noblemen, each of which is the head of a titled house. While the King may decree laws as he pleases, only the Cortes can grant him the money to see them through. Due to this power over the budget, the Cortes wield a large amount of influence in the Kingdom's governance.

Influential Members[1] Edit

  • David d'al Cruz, Earl of Weathern: 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the one in charge of maintaining and drafting the annual budget. He's the one who takes the demands and suggestions of the King and the rest of the privy council and turns them into concrete financial policy. Head of the peace faction.

  • Calvin d'al Cazarosta, Earl of Leoniscourt:

The former head of the Foreign Office, still a powerful force in the Cortes. Generally favours expanding Tierra's trade network and diplomatic reach. Backing the war faction.

  • Gwyneth d'al Havenport, Queen Dowager:

The Duke of Havenport's older sister. She can't sit in the Cortes, but she's the one managing House Havenport's influence in the Cortes, with all the major players at war. Formerly allied with Wulfram in the war faction.

  • Ewen d'al Candless, Duke of Wulfram:

The old duke's eldest son. House Candless' influence is not quite as pronounced as it was when the old duke was still Tierra's foremost soldier, but the new duke still holds significant power. Politically conservative, like his father, but has realigned his house with the peace faction.

  • Esmonde d'al Harris, Duke of Warburton:

Wields immense power due to House Warburton's colossal wealth, but old and increasingly wracked by bouts of dementia. At the moment, a political non-entity.

  • Nigel d'al Telfourde, Viscount Barithorne:

Head of the Aetorian branch of Royal Intelligence, and serves as the service's mouthpiece in the Cortes. House Telfourde holds little real power, but the Intelligence Service is repsected and sometimes feared, which gives Barithorne a lot of influence. Backs the war faction.

  • Nicholas d'al Torrington, Viscount of Hallford:

Lord Intendant, which means he is in control of the higher courts, and law enforcement within the walls of Aetoria. Crown Loyalist (which means "I vote how the King tells me to vote")

Notes Edit

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