Arturo d'al Findlay is the creator and father of the Regiment of Royal Dragoons, the 2nd Earl of Fernandescourt and 3rd Duke of Cunaris.

Biography Edit

Arturo d'al Findlay (born 522 OIE) is the younger brother to the 2nd Duke of Cunaris and the 2nd Earl of Fernandescourt. During the reign of King Alaric I "Spitfire", he served as the Lord HIgh Intendant of the Office of The Lord High Intendant. During the height of King Alaric's War, he was the one who bring up the idea of raising a regiment of Dragoons in order to be used for national defenses against the Antari should they ever set foot on Tierran soil. Little is known about the Earl's own political career. With the event of his older brother, the 2nd Duke of Cunaris died heirless, he ascended to the Dukedom and became 3rd Duke of Cunaris, the grandfather of the current Duke: Sir Johannes d'al Findlay. He died in 581 OIE at the age of 59.

Political Career Edit

Arturo d'al Findlay had served as the Lord High Indentant of the Office of The Lord High Indentant of His Tierran Majesty's Privy Council. Little is known about his entire political career.

Known descendants Edit

His Grace, Lord Sir Johannes d'al Findlay, the current Duke of Cunaris, War hero of Blogia, grandson

Lord Renard d'al Findlay, the next heir to the dukedom, great-grandson

Unnamed great-granddaughter, married to the newly ascended Duke of Wulfram, Lord Emen d'al Candless

Lord Laurent d'al Findlay, great-grandson